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IT-MatchmakerDescribe your company and task with just a few clicks and let IT-Matchmaker® find matching products und suppliers.


Top20 ReportComprehensive background information on the products, providers and their references as well as detailed gap analyses based on your requirements make it easier for you to select your favourites.

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Software Solutions for your Line of Business

Every industry has its own peculiarities and not every software solution can map these peculiarities or support them without major adjustments. With IT-Matchmaker® you will find products that are made for your industry and providers that know about your industry.

Software Solutions for your Tasks

Whether you want to control your entire company or manage your warehouse, or if you are looking for a business software for financial accounting or machine control: With IT-Matchmaker® you will find exactly the solutions that fit your task.

The Software Partner for your Company

Have you already decided on a platform such as SAP or Microsoft? Then IT-Matchmaker® will help you to find the right partner for the implementation and maintenance of the new business software based on information on more than 10,000 reference projects.

IT-Matchmaker®- Your all-round tool for digitisation projects

Efficiently analyze your processes and current software usage, find the right product and software partner and successfully design your implementation project.

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  • Selection & procurement of business software
  • Implementation of business software
  • IT/ERP roadmap
  • Process/potential analysis