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The right licence for your digitisation project

The tools and templates of IT-Matchmaker® are offered as web services within the framework of different licence products.

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Deployment Analysis

Process catalogue

Process Assessment

Process Risk Assessment

Master Data Assessment

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Project Cockpit

Basic modules

Alternative payment models1

> Model project license

> SaaS model

> Model evaluation fee

Setup fee

⚫ : Complete
⚪ : Partial

Alternative payment models

Choose the right model for your needs from these three attractive models: You either pay the total amount at the beginning of your project (project licence) or choose the rental model and pay a monthly fee (SaaS model, possible with IT-Matchmaker®.select and IT-Matchmaker®.project).

With the third alternative, the software provider you choose takes over the costs for the use of the portal (evaluation fee, possible with IT-Matchmaker®.select). 

In addition to the licence fee, a one-time service fee for the setup of the portal for your individual project is due.

For more information on the services included, please refer to our licence conditions.

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