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The IT-Matchmaker®.select serves companies for the closed tendering of their software project.




This is how you are invited to tender on IT-Matchmaker®

Based on the information in the basic profile, the user compiles his "favourites" at the end of the market research. The user sends his individual specifications to this distribution list as an invitation to tender via IT-Matchmaker®.

The sales employee of your company named in the IT-Matchmaker® is informed by e-mail about the new project enquiry and calls up more detailed information about the customer's company and the project via his personal account on the IT-Matchmaker®.

The tender is also processed via IT-Matchmaker®. Proposals for solutions and corresponding indicative prices are submitted on the basis of the individual specifications.

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Pricelist for Software Vendors

Indicative offers p.a.
48 Mio. €
Tendered project volume p.a.

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