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Trovarit market studies: Research with high standards


Trovarit-MarktstudienThe Trovarit Research Team regularly publishes studies on the use of business software.

The studies are produced in cooperation with specialist institutes and renowned experts on the respective topic and are characterised by the highest level of professionalism, well-founded analyses and 100% independence from software providers.

User surveys "in Practice"

ERP in der PraxisEvery two years, the studies "ERP in Practice" and "CRM in Practice" survey users on their satisfaction with the solutions they use, the benefits they see in using software and the prospects of using software.
With a total of 17,500 participants to date, the "ERP in Practice" study is the largest independent exchange of experience among ERP users.

(Only available in German)


Aachener Marktspiegel Business Software

ECM MarktspiegelBesides the pure listing of available solutions, the 6 volumes of the series "Aachener Marktspiegel" analyse the respective market offer on the basis of well-founded task models. Despite all the standardization, the differences between the functional scope of the individual software products and the service portfolio of the providers become clear.

Available volumes (German)

  • SCM
  • MES
  • CRM