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Select the right licence for your digitisation project


LizenzwahlThe tools and templates of the  IT-Matchmaker® are offered as web services within three different licence products.

The services contained in IT-Matchmaker®.select and IT-Matchmaker®.project cover all the tasks which usually come up during digitisation projects in order to analyse and optimise the interplay between business processes and software applications.

The licence IT-Matchmaker®.portal provides the tools without the templates.

The license costs depend on the scope and complexity of the project. If you are interested in using the IT-Matchmaker, please contact us. We will be pleased to submit an individual offer.



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Basic Modules

Alternative payment schemes1

> Project license

> SaaS

> Evaluation fee

Setup fee

1 Alternative payment schemes

Choose from these three attractive models to suit your needs: You either pay the total amount at the beginning of your project (project license) or choose the rental model and pay a monthly fee (SaaS model, possible with IT-Matchmaker®.select and IT-Matchmaker®.project). In the third alternative, the software provider you choose pays the costs for the use of the portal (evaluation fee, possible with IT-Matchmaker®.select). Setup fee: In addition to the license fee, a one-time service fee is charged for setting up the portal for your individual project.

Further information about the included services can be found in our license terms