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Digitisation Projects from A-Z


DigitalisierungThe IT-Matchmaker® supports digitisation projects of any kind efficiently and securely. The tools and services of the IT-Matchmaker® have been developed together with partners from industry and research and are based on our wealth of experience from hundreds of projects we have supported.

With the IT-Matchmaker®, you can plan the design and further development of your software landscape and manage the entire life cycle of your business software from the analysis of the status quo to the selection and implementation of the appropriate solution to continuous maintenance and optimization based on your individual business processes.

Trovarit AG: Your Partner for Digitisation Projects from A-Z

Deployment analysis - determine status quo and exploit potentials


IT-Matchmaker.portalNever before have companies had to adapt so flexibly and quickly to changing market conditions as they do today. To withstand the increasing competitive pressure, new business models and product strategies must be developed, more flexible organizational structures created and customers, as well as partners, must be more closely integrated into the processes. As a result, business processes in many companies are changing almost continuously, usually accompanied by new requirements for hardware and software support.

Therefore, it should be checked regularly whether processes and software are still properly interlinked, i.e. whether the software landscape used still meets these requirements and whether the existing applications are used by the employees in the way that brings the greatest benefit.

Here is a selection of the IT-Matchmaker® tools & services with which you can identify optimisation potentials in the context of business software use

ProzesskatalogProcess Catalogue

Expandable reference process reference catalogue, with which you can record and visualise your individual company processes efficiently.


ProzessexplorerProcess Explorer

Simple structuring of process catalogues and classification of processes via metadata (e.g. process owner, software application used, etc.)

PotenzialanalysePotential Analysis

Simple and transparent recording and management of improvement potentials with reference to processes, IT systems and master data


Stammdaten-AssessmentMaster Data Assessment

Sound evaluation of master data according to quality, relevance and leading software applications based on an expandable reference catalogue.

  Prozess-AssessmentProcess Assessment

Transparent assessment of maturity, prioritization and software support of business processes. Thus, weaknesses and their causes can be efficiently identified and, if necessary, initial organizational improvement measures can be derived.


The IT-Matchmaker®.select licence provides you with these and other tools and services especially for the selection phase. With the licence IT-Matchmaker®.portal you use the tools to continuously check and optimize the interaction of processes and software.

Licence overview

Trovarit AG: Aligning Business Software & Processes

Software Selection - the matching solution for your company


IT-Matchmaker.selectRegardless of whether it is a matter of expanding or modernizing the existing software landscape, or changing software partners: investments in business software are always associated with considerable risks and time and again you hear and read about failed projects, significant budget or time overruns.

Already in the selection phase important course is set for the project, because not every software product is suitable for every company and not every software provider has the necessary experience, skills and resources to meet the requirements of every company.

Here is a selection of the IT-Matchmaker® tools & services with which you can protect investments in business software:

AnforderungsdefinitionRequirement Specification

With the IT-Matchmaker®'s well-founded requirement specification templates, you can efficiently and securely document your requirements for the new solution.


LeistungsanfrageService Request

By means of a targeted service request, you narrow down the search area and compile a longlist of possible products and partners for your task.


MarktrechercheMarket Research

More than 1,500 solutions can be researched via the IT-Matchmaker®: according to the functionality and technology of the product as well as the market position, range of services and references of the provider.


ProjektausschreibungProject Tender

The IT-Matchmaker® supports the complete processing of the tender and provides you with comparable offers, on the basis of which you can reliably determine your top candidates.

Anbieter-AssessmentProvider Assessment

With the right script and relevant demo data you can put your favorites through their paces: Which solution best supports your processes and which provider understands your business best?


The IT-Matchmaker®.select licence provides you with these and other tools and services especially for the selection phase:

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IT-Matchmaker® Market Research - Test it Now!

Implementation - Successful Project Completion with Method


IT-Matchmaker.projectThe implementation of a complex business software (e.g. ERP, ECM, CRM, MES etc.) is a multidimensional project that can present even experienced project managers and their team with great challenges. It is not only necessary to integrate the new application into the existing application landscape as smoothly as possible, but also to "take along" all employees who are to work with the new solution in the future. In addition, it must be ensured that the implementation partner also delivers what was agreed - if possible within the planned duration and at no additional cost.

The tools and services of the IT-Matchmaker®.suite replicate all project steps of the Aachen Implementation Model for Business Software (ImplAiX). This model was developed in a consortium project under the direction of the Research Institute for Rationalization (FIR) at the RWTH Aachen and Trovarit AG.

Here is a selection of the tools & services of the IT-Matchmaker®.suite with which you can bring your digitisation project to a successful conclusion


ProjektplanungProject Planning

All the tools the team needs to plan and manage the implementation project.


Sprintplanung u. ReviewSprint Planning and Review

Transparent planning und control of the development sprints.

Sprintplanung u. ReviewProject Cockpit

All the statuses, milestones and open points always it a glance.


AbnahmemonitorAcceptance Monitor

Easy management and monitoring of the requirements formulated for the solution with processing status and approximate deviations.

Test ManagementTestmanagement

Full transparency and security when testing configurations, customization programming, delivered interfaces, etc.


The IT-Matchmaker®.project licence provides you with these and other tools and services especially for the implementation phase:

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