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IT-Matchmaker® - The platform for successful business software projects


DigitalisierungsprojekteThe digital networking of the corporate world has long since penetrated all industries and corporate structures, from large corporations to small and medium-sized enterprises. The backbone of the digitization of business processes are business application systems, so-called business software. Software landscapes are constantly being expanded and modernized with the aim of achieving the highest possible level of process and data integration. Such digitization projects represent a major challenge, especially for medium-sized companies: The selection, implementation and operation of business software solutions tie up a lot of employee capacity, cost a lot of money and, last but not least, entail high entrepreneurial risks.

IT-Matchmaker® offers a comprehensive range of tools and services to protect your investment in business software and to implement your digitization projects successfully.

Digitization projects with the IT-Matchmaker®

Tools & Services


The modules of the IT-Matchmaker® guide you through all phases of your digitization project, from the selection of the really suitable software solution and the right partner to the implementation, go-live and acceptance of the new system.

As efficient tools & services, the modules support you in typical project management tasks as well as in the analysis of processes, the documentation of requirements, the analysis of the market offer, the planning of sprints for development, the structured acceptance of the new solution and much more.

The setup and individual configuration of the tools according to your requirements is carried out within the IT-Matchmaker® Services.

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Methodologically, the IT-Matchmaker® is based on the Aachen Implementation Model for Business Software (ImplAiX). Unlike other implementation models, e.g. those used by software providers, the Aachen Implementation Model starts before the decision for the software and the implementation service provider has been made. ImplAiX provides the project manager with the necessary methods and resources to underline his leading role in the project and to support him in successfully mastering all challenges of a complex implementation.

Aachen Implementation Model for Business Software (ImplAiX)


Templates / Criteria Catalogues

KriterienkatalogeFor efficient documentation of your own requirements for the new software solution and the scope of services agreed with the implementation partner, the IT-Matchmaker® provides various templates in the form of checklists for requirement specifications and functional specifications, as well as bills of quantities: They differ in scope, level of detail and integrated additional functionalities (weighting, etc.), so that they are optimally suited to the task and framework conditions of your digitization project.

IT-Matchmaker® Requirement Specification Templates

Market Data

MarktrechercheThe IT-Matchmaker® database contains comprehensive information on more than 1,500 software solutions. Using the "Market Research" module, you can quickly find the products and providers that fit your needs. The more than 15,000 reference profiles, with which the providers document their experience with companies of the same size or industry, serve to reliably narrow down your circle of favourites.

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