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Implement Software


ImplAiX - Aachener Implementierung für Business SoftwareWith the implementation of business software, the user company is usually faced with a very big feat: The central nervous system of the company must be replaced without unduly affecting the daily business.

The prerequisites for a successful system introduction were already created during the selection of the appropriate software including software partners. Now, however, it is important to actually implement these together with the provider. In the end, the solution must effectively and efficiently support the corresponding task areas and processes and a stable system must be available that can be transferred to normal operation.

ImplAiX® - Aachen Implementation Model for Business Software

ImplAiX – Aachener Implementierungsmodell für Business SoftwareThe Aachen Implementation Model for Business Software (ImplAiX®) was developed within a consortium project under the direction of the Research Institute for Rationalization (FIR) at the RWTH Aachen University and Trovarit AG. Based on more than 20 years of experience of the specialists of the FIR and the Trovarit, ImplAiX® was developed as an integrated approach and covers the whole project from project initialisation to selection and acceptance of the new system.

The "layer" tools & templates (see figure) is provided by the IT-Matchmaker®. Its use during implementation stands for continuous requirements management, constant transparency about the project status and progress and efficient project work (collaboration) even from distributed locations or from the home office.


Tools & templates of the IT-Matchmaker®.suite 

Tasks for implementation

Software project setup

  • Putting together the team and setting up the project
  • Development of the detailed concept in cooperation with the software partner
  • Control of the process support by the system

Software project management

  • Preparing legacy data for transfer to the new system
  • Monitoring of the budget and the timetable
  • Implement change requests & correct planning accordingly
  • Check in test operation whether the software solution meets all criteria

End software project successfully

  • Commissioning and roll out
  • User training with the new software solution
  • Initiate continuous improvement process