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Software für die NahrungsmittelindustrieThe German food industry comprises 35 individual sectors and is the fifth largest sector in Germany with around 6,000 companies, 556,000 employees and an annual turnover of around 175 billion euros. The food industry is oriented towards the consumer, who demands product safety, proof of origin, animal welfare-friendly production and environmental compatibility. Flexibility of the companies.

The challenges posed to the food industry are the current legal and food law conditions. The characteristics of the industry require the mastery of the following industry-specific areas of an integral business software: process-relevant controllability of quantities/value ratios, process-adaptive identification of the entire logistics chain from the agricultural product to the consumer, HACCP-oriented quality management, inventory management using classification, availability and multiple unit/value ratios, supply and demand control under constantly changing demand and variable cost accounting based on multiple allocation units.


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