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PLM / PDM solutionsWith the individualization of products and the digitization of business processes, companies are particularly faced with the challenge of drastically increasing data volumes. In addition, the IT system landscape has multiplied in many companies because different supporting IT solutions are used for individual company functions. In this context, the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) approach is an important lever for increasing productivity and reducing costs both in product creation and in all other areas along the value chain.

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PLM solutions manage and control product data and processes

In order to realize rapid product development and marketing, as required by the current volatile business environment, different business units must cooperate with each other. In many companies, however, cross-divisional IT communication is not yet possible. Automated data exchange in particular is often difficult to implement because the individual company divisions generate data of the most varied structure and system.this is where Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) comes in.

PLM is an approach to the holistic, company-wide administration and control of all product data and processes of the entire product lifecycle along the extended value-added chain - from development and production to sales and distribution and maintenance. The aim is to support the product creation process holistically with consistent methods, models and tools and to increase the productivity of this process in its entirety. To support this approach, IT-based PLM solutions are available which, with their functions, make it possible to implement the PLM approach to a large extent.