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Software für die ProduktionManufacturing companies in Germany have long been under considerable competitive pressure. In addition to the development of new products or the use of innovative manufacturing technologies, the key to securing competitiveness is the consistent utilization of optimization potential in the area of production processing and, in particular, its planning and control. In addition to special systems for specific tasks, PPS and MES solutions in particular have established themselves as valuable support in utilizing this potential.

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The market research of the MES-Matchmaker® will help you find suitable solutions for:

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) | Produktionsoptimierung, Advanced Planning (APS) | Betriebsdatenerfassung (BDE) | Maschinendatenerfassung (MDE) | Qualitätsmanagement (CAQ/QMS) | Werkzeugmanagement | Just-in-Time / Just-in-Sequence Management (JIT/JIS)

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