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Software application in the logistics sector


Software in der LogistikThe use of software in the field of logistics (purchasing, materials or warehouse management and/or dispatch) is demanding: Here it is necessary to plan and control requirements, stocks of raw materials, purchased parts and (semi-finished) goods, storage locations and capacities, as well as means of transport and capacities. At the same time, a very close link must be established between the operative flow of materials and goods and financial accounting.

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Merchandise Management (MMS) | Just-in-Time / Just-in-Sequence Management (JIT/JIS) | Warehouse Management (WMS) | Control for automated warehouse technology | Management of dangerous goods and hazardous substances | Yard Management | Transport Optimisation & Management (TOM) | Forwarding Software | Fleet Management | Route Planning | Mobile Order Management (Telematics, Navigation) | Customs Processing | Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

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Purchasing & Procurement

The purchasing department is responsible for meeting the demand for external goods (merchandise, production material or operating resources) and services. In manufacturing companies, purchasing ensures that production can run smoothly. In trading companies, it must above all ensure that sufficient sales quantities are in stock.

Materials and inventory management

Materials management and warehousing are under high cost pressure. Reducing stock levels while at the same time providing materials for the production process on time is a constant challenge for those responsible and the supporting software systems.


It is also important to be as efficient as possible when organising the transport of goods - whether in-house (e.g. between warehouses or between distributed production sites or retail outlets) or off-site (e.g. to a business or private customer, for further processing or finishing by a partner, etc.) - and thus save costs and time. Special challenges are posed by transport across national borders and the associated customs clearance.

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