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ECM / DMS SolutionsIn most companies, employees still spend the majority of their working time processing purchase orders, supply contracts, personnel files, invoices, customer files or other business-critical documents in paper form. This also includes scanning paper documents and storing them in a file server structure, printing invoices, applications, etc. and submitting them to the respective responsible person for approval.

A uniform central administration platform for documents of all kinds, as offered by modern ECM solutions, can help to exploit existing savings potential. Information, documents and also processes are connected, managed and, if required, output again. Behind such ECM solutions is therefore much more than just simple technology: they are rather a strategy or management concept that secures company knowledge across departments, accelerates business processes through company-wide and easy access to information and, last but not least, also reduces costs.

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Enterprise Content Management (ECM) | Capture/Input Management | Web Content Management (WCM) | Document Management (DMS) | Contract Management | Automated Invoice Processing (Invoicing) | E-Mail Management | Social Software / Knowledge Management | Groupware, Collaboration Software | Social Business Collaboration | Archive/Filing | Deliver/Output Management | Electronic Signature | Document Conversion | Solution for Information Search (Search)

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