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Software for every taskThe trend to underlay more and more areas of responsibility in companies with software in order to use existing efficiency potentials has been noticeable for years. With the goal of cross-departmental order processing or planning and control of company resources without problems caused by media disruptions, multiple entries and inconsistent data management, software landscapes in companies are increasingly penetrating areas such as sales, marketing, document management, supply chain management or business intelligence.

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Today, there are specialized software solutions for every task area, and even the large software suites (integrated ERP software, CRM software, ECM software, etc.) are mapping more and more company areas more or less completely.

Every company must answer the question of whether its own requirements can be better met by an integrated system or a best-of-breed approach individually for itself. The integrated systems usually do not offer such comprehensive functionalities; a best-of-breed approach requires more interfaces, which can certainly lead to considerable complexity in the operation and maintenance of the software landscape.


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