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Business Software findenWith the IT-Matchmaker® Trovarit offers an online portal for the successful handling of digitisation projects. The wide range of tools and services is modularly structured and supports, for example, the deployment analysis, selection and introduction of business software.

The IT-Matchmaker® market research is a powerful search engine for software solutions, which enables user companies to quickly and reliably narrow down the confusing market to the top 20 candidates for their individual digitisation project.




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Which solutions are on the IT-Matchmaker®?

IT Matchmaking

The principle of IT Matchmaking is based on checklists that user companies can use to formulate their individual requirements and software providers can use to define the key features, functionality and technology of their system. During market research using the IT-Matchmaker®, the requirements profile is "matched" with the profiles of the providers, so that the solutions with the best coverage of the individual requirements can be quickly identified.

The special feature of the IT-Matchmaker® market research is that not only data on purely functional aspects can be researched and retrieved: Information on software providers and their references is also collected in a structured way and analysed in parallel.

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Step 1: Register & create search profile

You register free of charge and describe your individual project with just a few clicks:

Step 2: Carry out research

At the push of a button, the IT-Matchmaker® creates a ranking of the solutions that best meet your individual requirements. Not only the software is analysed, but also the experience and know-how of the providers: Currently, more than 15,000 references are registered on the IT-Matchmaker®.

Step 3: Select favourites & create Top20 report

The ranking and extensive background information will help you to identify your favourites. Finally, request your personal Top20 Report, which contains all the information on your favourites (free of charge).

Find the Top20 Business Solutions for Your Company Now!

The individual Top20 Report with your favourites

  • All the background information on

    • providers
    • products
    • provider references

  • Your research results
  • Tabular overviews juxtaposing your requirements and the profiles of your Top20 favourites
  • Expert article: Procedure for structured and secure software selection.

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