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Aligning Business Software and processes


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The Trovarit AG sees itself as a market analyst and provider-neutral contact for all questions concerning the use of business software in companies. Using the proven tools of the IT matchmaker family, exclusive market data and professional consulting services, Trovarit offers companies support in the structured analysis of software deployment, the optimisation of the interaction between business processes and software, and the efficient and secure selection of software solutions.

Werkzeuge und Beratung

With the IT-Matchmaker® (www.it-matchmaker.com), Trovarit AG offers a range of efficient tools to secure business software projects. With exclusive market data, proven content and sound methods and procedures, this leading online platform supports companies in the selection and tendering, implementation and optimisation of their software solutions.

Software selection: IT-Matchmaker®.select

Efficient selection of the right business software and the right provider: IT-Matchmaker®.select offers security from market research to contract conclusion.

Implementation: IT-Matchmaker®.project

Goal-oriented introduction of a new business software solution: in IT-Matchmaker®.project all information flows together in a structured way and the progress of the implementation can be monitored centrally.

Optimization: IT-Matchmaker®.audit

Structured analysis and optimization of system deployment: IT-Matchmaker®.audit is the tool for efficiently determining the status quo of ERP support.

Strategy: IT-Matchmaker®.roadmap

Strategic planning of business software deployment: IT-Matchmaker®.roadmap efficiently bridges the gap between the status quo, market offerings and business objectives.

In addition to these efficient and proven tools, which can also be used independently if desired, the Trovarit team offers comprehensive support from consultants with market and project experience. The Trovarit consulting services are modular and standardised, i.e. companies can put together their individual support package from a comprehensive range of services and workshops: From selective support in critical phases to comprehensive support throughout the entire project.

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