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Mit QAD-Adaptive ERP zum intelligenten Fertigungs­unternehmen - Die QAD-ERP-Komplettlösung passt sich agil an die Abläufe Ihrer Fertigung sowie die Weiterentwicklung Ihrer Produktion an
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Individuelle Unterstützung statt Universallösung

  • Branchenspezifische Anwendungen
  • Transparente Beratung von der Planung bis zum Roll-out
  • Maßgeschneiderte Lösungen
  • Agile Prozesse für spezielle Herausforderungen

Mit der passenden QAD-ERP-Lösung für die Prozessfertigung haben Sie alle Herausforderungen im Griff, egal ob es um kundenspezifische Anforderungen oder die termingerechte Lieferung geht.

Nutzen Sie unsere professionelle ERP-Beratung zu QAD, um die geeignete Lösung für die Verwaltung Ihrer Lieferkette zu erhalten. So behalten sie diese stets im Blick, sind agil und können frühzeitig auf mögliche Störungen reagieren.

Um die ständigen strategischen und operativen Herausforderungen meistern zu können, unterstützen wir CFOs, Finanzmanager und Controller mit der passenden QAD-ERP-Lösung. Weiterhin bietet Ihnen QAD einen umfassenden Überblick über Ihre Geschäftsprozesse und Ihr betriebliches Qualitätsmanagement.

Unterschiedliche Lieferanten, Prozesse und Datensysteme beeinflussen die digitale Abwicklung entlang Ihrer Wertschöpfungskette. Mit unseren QAD-ERP-Lösungen ermöglichen wir eine stabile Integration der verschiedenen Systeme.

Durch die Vereinheitlichung der unterschiedlichsten Daten Ihres Unternehmens wird beispielsweise die Analyse kritischer Informationen entscheidend gestärkt. Wir bieten Ihnen dafür den passenden ERP-Service.

Ein effektives Kundenmanagement ist ein wichtiger Erfolgsfaktor. Mit der richtigen ERP-Lösung gelingt Ihnen die optimale Kundengewinnung und -bindung.

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Kontext E GmbH

Die Kontext E ist seit 2001 im Umfeld von QAD tätig und inzwischen das führende Beratungs- und Dienstleistungsunternehmen für QAD Produkte in Deutschland.


Unsere IT Leistungen und Kompetenzen | Kontext E GmbH




Unsere IT Leistungen und Kompetenzen | Kontext E GmbH


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Kontext E GmbH

Wiener Platz 5A
D-01069 Dresden
Telefon: 0351 888 999 0
Fax: 0351 888 999 99
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Pianezza, Italy

Company: Aesica Pharmaceuticals Limited Location: Pianezza, Italy Industry: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Products: Contract development and manufacturing (wet granulation, tablet production, encapsulation, liquid manufacturing, blister packaging, bottle packing) Solutions Utilized: QAD Enterprise Applications Enterprise Edition
ALTHEA Contract development and manufacturing
20090 Rodano / Milano

Company: Ajinomoto Althea, Inc. Location: San Diego, California, USA Sector / Industry: Pharmaceuticals/ Biotechnology Products: Contract development and manufacturing Solutions Utilized: QAD Enterprise Applications QAD ERP SYSTEM ELEVATES cGMP PRACTICES FOR HIGHLY REGULATED PHARMA CORP THE COMPANY: AJINOMOTO ALTHEA Ajinomoto Althea Inc. (Althea) is a fully integrated contract development and manufacturing organization providing clinical drug process development and manufacturing services to global biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Althea has the capacity to support early-stage clinical requirements through commercial manufacturing and is an expert in executing drug formulation and aseptic fill finish for vials and syringes. Althea has an excellent track record with global regulatory agencies, including the FDA, EMA (Europe), PMDA (Japan), and RP (Germany). Their processes and procedures are in compliance with European cGMP (current good manufacturing practices) standards and FDA guidelines. Their expertise in aseptic filling and extensive knowledge of international requirements help their clients’ products meet the highest possible quality standards. Althea is committed to the success of their clients for process development, drug substance and drug product manufacturing. THE CHALLENGE: CRITICAL REGULATORY REQUIREMENTS AND cGMP DEMAND BETTER PERFORMING ERP SYSTEM Althea was using two ERP systems that didn’t communicate efficiently with each other, as well as a number of paper-based and manual systems. As a rapidly growing company, Althea needed to find an ERP system that would integrate all of their key business processes, ensure their ability to meet changing and increasing government reporting requirements and be able to scale with the growth of the company. Three of the biggest driving factors behind implementing a new ERP solution were: • Compliance — Althea has to comply with a wide variety of regulations and requirements for both the drug formulas they develop and produce and the vials and syringes they fill for their various contracted clients. They also need to be ready to meet the rapidly approaching deadlines of the new Drug Quality and Security Act (DQSA) requirements. • Outdated Systems — Althea’s existing ERP systems didn’t “talk” to each other and there were many inefficient paper-based systems. • Project Cost Management/Reporting — There was no central database, only silos of information in a multitude of spreadsheets. “We had everything we needed but no way to effectively make it all work together,” comments Melissa Rosness, Senior Director of Operational Excellence, Ajinomoto Althea. “We needed a new system that could accommodate all the existing information and processes — that could also provide lot level transaction information, transaction history and transaction statement of all shipments as required by the new DQSA going into effect.”
Coventry, UK

COMPANY MAKES UPGRADE LEAP USING EASY ON BOARDING THE COMPANY: AMTICO INTERNATIONAL For over 50 years Amtico has been designing, innovating and manufacturing flooring that is not only beautiful but flexible, durable and sustainable. As a leader in the specialty residential and commercial flooring market, the company is professionally respected, industry accredited and advocated by designers, contractors and architects alike. Amtico International — a subsidiary of the U.S. -based Mannington Mills, Inc. — is headquartered in the United Kingdom with operations in Europe, the Middle East and Asia employing approximately 500 people around the world. THE CHALLENGE: AN AGING ON PREMISE ERP SYSTEM IN A GROWING COMPANY Amtico used QAD’s ERP solution on premise for a number of years across its sites. Since joining Mannington Mills, Amtico’s product portfolio has grown and become more complex, their customer base larger and their supply chain more intricate. As a global manufacturer, Amtico recognized that they could improve their operational efficiency and realize cost savings by upgrading their ERP solution and migrating to the cloud at their sites in the United Kingdom, Germany and Hong Kong. Some of the areas Amtico knew they could benefit from an upgrade included: • Customer Service – As the company grew Amtico needed to ensure there would be no administrative disruptions that would impact customer engagement. • Responsive Supply Chain – With the increasing complexity of the supply chain, diversification of customers and expansion into developing markets, Amtico knew they needed supply chain improvements to handle flexibility and fast turn-arounds. • Procurement – It was critical for Amtico to ensure they would always have the right product available at the right time. • Streamlined Manufacturing – Escalating pricing competition required reducing costs, which meant streamlining their manufacturing process where possible. • Information – Amtico knew they needed real time and relevant information to support business decisions and to support all their employees. This would be vital for driving improvements through the business.. QAD conducted a Q-Scan evaluation of Amtico’s on premise ERP system and determined that Amtico’s business and current ERP system were not aligned. There were many manual processes in place, a duplication of effort, and some limitations in visibility of operations — resulting in siloed information and external systems including multiple spreadsheets. All of this was time consuming, increased the risk of errors, endangered data integrity and restricted access to management information. To keep up with its rapid growth, the company also needed information to be real time, delivering the right information to the right people at the right time. With limited IT resources available to manage an upgraded on premise ERP system, QAD estimated the cost of delay to Amtico was £10,000 and 325 hours of operational efficiencies per month. “Our business goals include increasing our product portfolio, growing our customer base and expanding into new geographies and sectors,” comments Andrew Elsby-Smith, finance director. “We had outgrown our existing system and expanding our IT capabilities to continue on premise was not a good investment for us. We need to concentrate on our core business and leave 24/7 ERP vigilance to the experts,” comments Simon Smith, head of IT.
APCB - Automotive Plastic Components Berlin
14167 Berlin

Entwicklung, Kauf, Herstellung, Montage sowie Vertrieb von jeglichen Teilen, Systemen und Komponenten aus Kunststoff, welche für die Montage und den Betrieb von Automobilen und anderen Fahrzeugen dienen. Vollumfängliche Nutzung des QAD ERP in der Cloud seit 2014 Sehr umfassende Anforderungen an die Seriennummern- und Chargenverwaltung Lieferung an alle deutschen Automobilhersteller just-in-time und just-in-sequence Projektstart / Projektabschluss • 10/2015 bis 06/2016 Eingesetztes Produkt QAD ERP Enterprise Applications mit den Modulen: • QAD ERP Enterprise Applications in der Cloud • QAD Cloud EDI • QAD Modul Demand and Supply Chain Planning (DSCP) • QAD Modul Transportmanagement (TMS) Anzahl der Nutzer • 74 named user implementierte Geschäftsprozesse • Komplette Wertschöpfungskette Automobilzulieferer • Kundenabrufpläne EDI • Lieferabrufpläne EDI • Produktionsplanung und Freigabe • Produktionsdurchführung und Rückmeldung mit Scanner • Materialwirtschaft, Inventur, Bestandsführung • Einkauf und Waren Eingang • Versendung mit Scanner und ASN EDI • Stücklisten- und Änderungsverwaltung • Stammdatenverwaltung • FI, AR, AP, Self Billing EDI Leistungserbringung • Haupt - Auftragnehmer und Koordination der Unterlieferanten, Komplette Implementierung der ERP Lösung von der Analyse des Altsystems, dem Design der Geschäftsprozesse, • Spezifikation, Programmierung und Testen erforderlicher Anpassungen und Reports • Dokumentenerstellung aller relevanten Geschäftsdokumente (Formularerstellung) • Komplette Datenübernahme aus dem Altsystem • Umfangreiche System-, Prozess-, Integrations- und Lasttests. • Begleitung der Systemaktivierung und Betreuung nach dem Go Live • Servicevertrag/SLA zur Betreuung und Weiterentwicklung seit 2016 bis heute • Scanner Lösung (BDE) in Zusammenarbeit mit Fa EAGLE implementiert • EDI in Zusammenarbeit mit QAD implementiert
ASTEELFLASH Germany & Eastern Europe Division
36251 Bad Hersfeld

AsteelFlash Group (AFG) is building the Effective Enterprise AsteelFlash Group is a global leader in Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) and Supply Chain Management solutions specializing in printed circuit board assembly. With ERP solutions from QAD and the adoption of advanced technologies like collaborative robots on the shop floor, they have increased accuracy and improved quality in the products they make. - QAD 2014 EE, updated in January 2019 - e-commerce EDI (QAD) - eFormz – Document Print Server - QAD WMS (Warehouse management) - Supplier Schedules - Sales orders / Customer Schedules for a first customer - Site is a Supplier for OEM - Uses discrete work order, MTO
CASCADE Engineering
Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Company: Cascade Engineering Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA Sector / Industry: Manufacturing / Large-scale plastic injection molding Markets: Automotive, Commercial Furniture, and Containers Solutions Utilized: QAD ERP und QMS Company Overview Cascade Engineering Europe Ltd. (CEE) is a Hungary-based operation of Cascade Engineering (HQ: Grand Rapids, MI) . Location: Hungary, Halásztelek; Established: 1994. Producer of plastic injection molding and complex assemblies for the European Automotive industry. Specialize in kinematics, fluid connectors and air vent assemblies. Design, engineer, manufacture and assemble products for OEM, tier 1 and tier 2 automotive customers throughout Europe. QAD Solution Currently with 30 Named Users. Additional modules: Release Management, EDI ECommerce, European Accounting.
CASCO Schoeller GmbH
60437 Frankfurt

With over 70 years of experience in sensor and module development, Casco offers a wide range of in-vehicle electronics for an enhanced driving experience that meets industry standards for consumer safety. Casco’s product lines include electromechanical and electronic devices for all types of vehicles. These products are designed to meet the automotive needs of a global market. Company Overview Casco Schoeller GmbH designs, manufactures and distributes in-vehicle electromechanical & electronic devices, sensors and related components for its OEM automotive, tier 1 auto suppliers customers, and the NAMR aftermarket industry.  PRODUCTS:  - 3D Sun Load Sensor - Ambient In-Car Temperature Sensor - Ambient Light Sensor - Inductive Distance Sensor - Rain/Light Sensor - Relative Humidity Sensor - Sun Load Sensor - Aux Jack Ports - USB Connectivity Ports- Dedicated USB Charging Ports (1.0A-2.1A current capability) - Video Jacks - SD Card Readers - Integrated Media Hubs - High speed Audio, USB or Video Cables - DC/AC Inverter- DC/DC Converter. QAD Solution Currently with 100 Named Users. Additional modules: Release Management, EDI ECommerce, European Accounting, Fixed Assets, Supply Chain Planning, PRO/PLUS, ICT, QAD CRM, Cloud EDI.
CECOMP d.o.o
8216 Mirna Peč

Company Overview CECOMP is a Slovenia-based operation of CECOMP (HQ: Italy). They provide a wide range of dedicated services for the construction of style models and the small series production of complete new vehicles.  Partner of leading OEM for 30+ years, producing show and concept cars, style models and master cubing, handmade and pre-series prototypes for the testing phase, the development and the manufacture of dies, prototype assembly and production tooling.  QAD Solution Currently 10 Named Users. Additional Modules: Compliance AKA, Release Management, PRO/PLUS, EDI ECommerce, European Accounting. For over thirty years CECOMP has been giving shape to ideas developed by designers, style centers and research and development institutes for vehicle manufacturers worldwide. Today, CECOMP is involved in all stages of the vehicle life cycle: style development, building prototypes, pre-industrialization and industrialization, as well as the supply of parts, systems and complete vehicles (small series). Cecomp started out as a coachbuilder, with the special significance given to this industry in Turin at that time, to create styling models and to manufacture the corresponding bodies by hand, gradually increasing its range of activities over the years: in the 80’s/90’s with the construction of prototype tools for small series, and then specializing in the field of high-end racing, expanding into the sheet-metal forming sector in 2000, and finally in 2010 providing turnkey projects, from the development to the production of complete vehicles in small series.
Montpelier, OH

Company: CK Technologies Headquarters: Montpelier, OH Industry: Industrial Products: Heavy truck exterior components Solutions Utilized: QAD ERP
COMVITA - natural health products
Te Puke, 3153 Paengaroa

Challenges: - Need for continuous improvement strategy - Lack of IT resources - Desire to expand business Solution: - QAD Cloud ERP - Channel Islands UX Results: - Improved collaboration between departments - Time savings - Improved access to real-time, accurate data "Moving our QAD ERP system to the cloud has given Comvita the transparency to connect information any time or place, across our global business." Dan Waugh, GM Information Communications Technology (ICT), Comvita
FEDERAL-MOGUL - Automotive Supplier
27300 W11 Southfield, MI 48034

THE COMPANY: Federal-Mogul Motorparts serves automotive OEMs with products including braking, chassis and windshield wiper applications while also offering a broad portfolio of products through more than 20 of the world’s most recognized brands in the global automotive aftermarket. THE CHALLENGE: DIFFERENT QAD VERSIONS, PRACTICES, AND PROCESSES AND TOO MANY CUSTOMIZATIONS “Manufacturing braking systems is exacting work – it’s one of the biggest safety issues in vehicles,” comments David Gore, IT applications manager for F-M Motorparts. “During the manufacturing process there are many specifications that have to be met, measurements and tests that have to be done and reports completed before we can ship parts to our customers.” “We had to deal with a variety of customized reports coming from the different locations who were using different business practices,” continues Gore. We needed to standardize across the division. We needed to eliminate customization as much as possible and have all the Braking division locations using the same business practices – the same processes and producing reports in the same formats.” “We didn’t want to have to rework all our customizations so we looked to QAD for help. We knew we were likely not using our core QAD ERP system to its potential and with QAD guidance we discovered some unused functionality and modules that have proved very useful,” THE SOLUTION: ADDING UNDERUTILIZED FUNCTIONALITIES TO QAD ENTERPRISE EDITION With plans already in place to begin an EE upgrade at one of their plants in the UK, the team recognized an opportunity to develop a strategy for consolidating the entire system. A decision was made to begin the rollout at each of the plants beginning with the first plant in the UK. F-M Motorparts’ Center of Excellence (COE) and the QAD team worked together to explore and examine underutilized solutions that could expand the usability and functionality of their upgraded QAD ERP system even further. THE BENEFITS: EXPANDED USE OF QAD IMPROVES PROCESSES AND BEST PRACTICES, AND SPEEDS STANDARDIZATION ACROSS THE COMPANY F-M Motorparts worked out best practices as they started incorporating the new QAD ERP functionalities at their UK site. They then took the best practices and started the next implementation at their India site — improving upon it even more. “We now have a road map,” notes Gore, “Next we did our site in Italy and by then had a very robust model that we are using at other sites as we progress through the Braking division. We continue building our knowledge base with each implementation and it has become easier and faster at each site as we continue the process.” F-M Motorparts has reduced customization by 50% and has now standardized not only their production processes but also shipping, labeling, finance, packaging and sales. “We have a mixing process that in the past was a paper work order that had no mature traceability - with QAD we now know which material batches went to which production batches making which products. This gives us better information in case there is a safety recall,” adds Gore. “Before it was all paper based and took many days -- we can now easily get the data and quickly know the right material with the right batch numbers and more importantly the actual quantities.” Using Operational Metrics, report requests now come in consistent formats rather than the four or five versions that had to be hand coordinated in the past. We targeted the OEM plants first as they have similar operational strategies - Moving to the Aftermarket plant required changes, as their processes are quite different. However, having built up such a robust information base, it is much easier to adapt wh
HEARTWARE - Life sciences
MA 01701 Framingham

Challenges: Highly regulated manufacturing environment Ineffective complaint handling management Solution: QAD ERP - Modul QMS (Quality Management System) Results: 54% Improved complaint closure rate 53% reduction in open complaints 62% reduction in late report submissions " Quality is literally the “heart” of our business and complaint management is part of our continual improvement. Our QAD QMS complaint management system has improved our processes.” Maurice Plourde, Senior Director of IT for HeartWare
32457 Porta Westfalica

- Products: innovative home ans long-term care medical products - Sites: 17 sites across EMEA, US and Asia - QAD ERP Solution in the cloud - Users: more than 2.550 - Description: opted for a QAD upgrade in 2013 across 17 EMEA & APAC sites rather than deploy Oracle Applications; Migrated to QAD Cloud ERP in 2016
LASKO - consumer products
Tennessee (USA)

Lasko operates in an extremely competitive marketplace with up to 10 other companies manufacturing and distributing electric fans and ceramic heaters to all major retailers across the country. As a result of producing such seasonal products, Lasko incurs a great deal of risk as they have to manufacture and stockpile inventory throughout the year before knowing if the temperature patterns will generate demand for their short selling period. A cool summer or warm winter can result in massive inventories languishing in their warehouses. In addition to the volatility of the seasons, Lasko has to deal with the specific compliance requirements of each major retailer on quality, packaging, labeling and routing — and the retailers are very price sensitive. “We compete on the value and quality we provide the retailers,” comments Raafat Mikhail, Director, Information Technology. “They look for savings but will not sacrifice quality. We need to be as efficient and up-to-date across the whole company to remain the leader in our market.” “Each year we work to make our products fresh to the market with styling and functionality to differentiate our product from competitors while keeping the quality up and the cost low,” continues Mikhail. “This all requires very careful planning, scheduling and inventory management which is best enabled with upto-date technology.” “We keep a huge inventory in our plants until the season’s demand is clear. This means we are assuming significant inventory risk which makes the inventory management system even more important.” Lasko has been operating on a QAD ERP system for almost 20 years and has upgraded several times. Their last upgrade was several years ago to QAD Enterprise Applications Standard Edition (SE). “We attended Explore and our regional user group, and heard about the new functionality in QAD Enterprise Applications Enterprise Edition (EE),” remarks Mikhail. “We realized we were technically behind the current capabilities of EE, including inventory management, financials and reporting. After looking at QAD’s future direction we started mapping out our future direction with technology and systems perspectives and decided to begin investigating an upgrade to QAD EE.”
Lear Corporation Hungary Kft
Györ (HQ: USA)

Company Overview Lear Corporation, a global leader in automotive seating and e-systems, is ranked #148 on the Fortune 500 with world-class products designed, engineered and manufactured by a diverse team of talented employees. Its vision is to be consistently recognized as the supplier of choice, an employer of choice, the investment of choice and a company that supports the communities where we do business.  With headquarters in Southfield, Michigan, Lear maintains 261 locations in 39 countries around the globe and employs approximately 169,000 employees. QAD Solution Various sites in EMEA with 9447 Named Users Globally. Additional Modules: Internalization Extension: Spain, Czech, Serbia, Hungary; Fixed Assets, Lean manufacturing, Enhanced Controls, Logistic Accounting, Release Management, Supply Chain Planning, PRO/PLUS, EDI ECommerce, Consignment Inventory, European Accounting, JITS, QXTend Excelerator, ICT, QAD PRM.
MAUSER - Industrial Packaging Solutions
50321 Brühl

MIT QAD TMS HAT MAUSER SEINE VERSANDPROZESSE STANDARDISIERT MAUSER wurde 1896 von Dr. Alfons Mauser im süddeutschen Schwarzwald gegründet und verfügt über mehr als ein Jahrhundert Erfahrung in Verpackungstechnologie und ein umfangreiches Verständnis für spezifische Marktanforderungen. Viele Patente, Erfindungen und Innovationen wurden aus Forschungs- und Entwicklungslaboren von MAUSER initiiert und wurden zu Standards in der Industrieverpackung. Zudem konnte MAUSER durch die Bereitstellung eines vollständigen Zyklus von Produktions-/Verpackungs-/ Wiederverwendungs-/Recycling-Services seine Position als Branchenführer halten. DIE HERAUSFORDERUNG: STANDARDISIERUNG DES VERSANDBETRIEBS, EINBLICK IN FRACHTKOSTEN UND REDUKTION VON KOMPLEXITÄT Durch ein kürzlich durchgeführtes ERP-Upgrade hat MAUSER festgestellt, dass die externe TMS (Transportation-Management-System) -Lösung, die seinerzeit genutzt wurde, nicht über die Funktionalitäten verfügt, die für die internationale Ausrichtung erforderlich waren. Die aktuelle Transportlösung diente nur MAUSER Deutschland und war als maßgeschneiderte lokale Lösung entwickelt worden. Andere Länder hatten entweder lokalisierte Lösungen oder manuelle Prozesse. MAUSER suchte nach einer Standardlösung mit minimalen Anpassungen, um die Gesamtbetriebskosten gering zu halten. Außerdem benötigte man eine Lösung, durch die man Versandvorgänge standardisieren und eine Übersicht über Frachtkosten für alle Spediteure an allen Standorten erhalten konnte. MAUSER brauchte einen exakten Einblick in alle Frachtkosten, um Möglichkeiten zur Konsolidierung der Fracht zu identifizieren (z.B. mehrere Bestellungen innerhalb einer Sendung). Man wusste, dass dies ohne ein geeignetes TMS schwierig zu erreichen war. Aufgrund der Vielzahl der von MAUSER eingesetzten Spediteure und der lokalen Geschäftspraktiken war die Sendungsbuchung sehr komplex. DIE LÖSUNG: QAD TRANSPORTATION MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (TMS) Die Fähigkeit, viele Länder, Spediteure und Währungen zu unterstützen, war ein entscheidendes Auswahlkriterium. Da es sich bei QAD TMS um ein integriertes Kernmodul der QAD-ERP-Suite handelt, war die Lösung tatsächlich eine schrittweise Erweiterung der ERP-Plattform. QAD TMS wurde zuerst an den MAUSER-Standorten in Deutschland und Großbritannien implementiert. Anschließend folgte der Rollout in den Niederlanden, Frankreich und Italien. Sobald die Sendungen erstellt sind, wird der Versand dem bevorzugten Spediteur zugewiesen (basierend auf Regeln) und die geschätzten Versandkosten berechnet. Zum Schluss wird der Self-Billing-Bericht erstellt, der an den Spediteur gesendet wird. DIE VORTEILE: QAD TMS REDUZIERT ZEIT UND KOMPLEXITÄT Durch QAD TMS konnte MAUSER seine Versandprozesse standardisieren. Seit der Implementierung der QAD TMS-Lösung konnte der Zeitaufwand für die Zusammenstellung und Vorbereitung von Frachtausgaben erheblich reduziert werden. Da MAUSER mehrere Versandstandorte in ganz Europa unterhält, konnten Versandprozesse in einem einheitlichen Prozess gebracht und standardisiert werden. Mit QAD TMS konnte MAUSER die Komplexität reduzieren, die mit dem Upload und der Aktualisierung von hochkomplexen Preistabellen für mehrere hundert Spediteure verbunden ist. Darüber hinaus kann MAUSER seine monatlichen Frachtaktivitäten für alle europäischen Standorte besser kontrollieren. ERGEBNISSE • Standardisierung von Versandabfertigungsvorgängen • Automatisiereng des Versandprozesses • Erhebliche Zeiteinsparungen bei der Zusammenstellung und Vorbereitung von Frachtbegleitpapieren • Reduzierte Komplexität für Upload und Aktualisierungen von Frachtkosten für MAUSER Vertragsspediteure
NEXTEER Automotive Germany GmbH
65428 Rüsselsheim

Challenges: - Need to update an outdated and overly customized homegrown ERP system - Need for standardized shipping processes - Reduce Complexity - Lack of Resources - Risk Mitigation Solution: - QAD Enterprise Applications Enterprise Edition - TMS (Transportation Management System) - Single Instance of QAD Financials and Manufacturing running 1600+ users Results: - 25% improvement in document accuracy - Increased shipping accuracy - Instant Access to Information - Global Visibility, Analytics and Drill Down across their business - IT Team Focused on “Improving their Business”
Nexteer Automotive Poland -Sp. z o.o 
43-100, Tychy, Poland Tychy, Poland

Company Overview Headquartered in Saginaw, Mich., Nexteer Automotive employs more than 8,300 people and operates 22 manufacturing plants, 14 customer support centers and six regional engineering centers worldwide.  During the past 100 years, Nexteer Automotive has grown from being a dedicated supplier to General Motors, primarily in North America and Europe, to serving more than 60 vehicle manufacturers worldwide. Today, Nexteer Automotive has expanded into Eastern Europe, South America and Asia.  QAD Solution (Location Poland) Currently using Cloud Master Bundle version EE with 137 Named Users and 5 Limited Named Users. Additional Modules: Poland Internalization, Cloud EDI, Supplier Portal. Nexteer Automotive Poland Sp. z o.o. Nexteer Automotive is a global leader in advanced steering and driveline systems. Nexteer’s in-house development and integration of hardware, software and electronics gives the company an unmatched competitive advantage as a full service steering supplier. A global steering & driveline company delivering electric & hydraulic power steering, columns, drivelines, advanced driver assist systems & autonomous tech. Our worldwide locations include 28 Manufacturing Plants 14 Customer Support Centers 1 Global Technical Center 2 Regional Technical Centers 1 Software Service Center World Headquarters, Auburn Hills 1272 Doris Rd, Auburn Hills, MI 48326
RENOLIT SE - High-Quality Plastic Films
67547 Worms

AUSWAHL DER BESTEN ERP LÖSUNG UND SYSTEMATISCHES UPGRADE RENOLIT produziert Folien und Verpackungen für die Medizin- und Pharmaindustrie und recyclebare Verbundplatten für die Bau- und Automobilindustrie. Produkte von RENOLIT werten andere Produkte in den verschiedensten Bereichen auf. RENOLIT ist ein unabhängiges Familienunternehmen und beschäftigt etwa 4.500 Mitarbeiter weltweit an mehr als 30 Produktionsstandorten mit einem Jahresumsatz von etwa 1 Mrd. €. DIE HERAUSFORDERUNG: MAXIMALE EFFIZIENZ IN KOMPLEXEM, WACHSENDEM UNTERNEHMEN RENOLIT ist ein vielschichtiges Unternehmen mit einem internationalen Vertriebsnetzwerk. Es besteht aus acht Unternehmensbereichen an mehr als 30 Standorten auf vier Kontinenten. RENOLIT will nicht nur Produktivität und Rentabilität im Tagesgeschäft steigern, sondern konzentriert sich außerdem auf nachhaltiges Wachstum durch Expansion der bestehenden Geschäftsbereiche und Übernahme von Unternehmen in neuen geografischen oder neuen Geschäftsbereichen. Der Geschäftsbereich für Industriefolien von Solvay, ein belgischer Chemiekonzern, war eine dieser Übernahmen. Solvay setze schon seit langem QAD ERP in diesem Geschäftsbereich ein und RENOLIT musste sich entscheiden, das dort bestehende ERP System mit seinen Systemen zu ersetzen. Dies hätte allerdings bedeutet, dass viele Geschäftsprozesse angepasst werden müssten. Alternativ konnte man eine duale ERP Strategie verfolgen, in der QAD als ERP System bei Solvay bestehen blieb. “Zum Zeitpunkt der Übernahme nutzte RENOLIT ein anderes ERP System,” erklärt Martin Klinkert, CIO von RENOLIT. “Wir haben festgestellt, dass auf Grund unserer vielen Produktlinien die Herstellungsprozesse sehr unterschiedlich waren und unser bestehendes ERP System nach der Übernahme von Solvay nicht unbedingt die beste Lösung für diesen Geschäftsbereich sein würde.” “Wir wollten eine zentrale Infrastruktur erschaffen, mit der wir über ein ERP System sämtliche Aktivitäten in sämtlichen Geschäftsbereichen abdecken konnten. Wir wussten, dass wir dazu jeden Geschäftsbereich analysieren mussten, um herauszufinden, welches ERP System am besten unsere Anforderungen erfüllen konnte,” erläutert Klinkert. “In diesem Zusammenhang haben wir festgestellt, dass wir in unserem Unternehmen mehr als nur ein ERP System, einschließlich QAD, nutzen wollten.” DIE LÖSUNG: EINE NEUE STRATEGIE MIT PASSENDEM ERP SYSTEM PRO GESCHÄFTSBEREICH “Wir haben uns für eine neue IT Strategie einschließlich QAD ERP entschieden, da unser bestehendes ERP System für bestimmte Geschäftsbereiche ungeeignet war und QAD einfach besser die Anforderungen erfüllte,” erläutert Klinkert. RENOLIT nutzt aktuell an seinen Produktionsstandorten drei Systeme: ein zentrales Informationsmanagementsystem, QAD und ein anderes ERP System. DIE VORTEILE: FÜR EIN EFFEKTIVES ARBEITEN MUSS EIN ERP SYSTEM BASIEREND AUF PRODUKTIONSANFORDERUNGEN EINGESETZT WERDEN “Vom IT Standpunkt ist es schwierig mehrere ERP Systeme einzusetzen.” berichtet Klinkert. “Sechs Niederlassungen in Europa, eine Niederlassung in USA und eine Niederlassung in China setzen aktuell QAD ein, und wir planen bereits weitere Expansionen.” Weitere Vorteile für RENOLIT umfassen: • QAD Software beinhaltet alle wichtigen Komponenten für die meisten der übernommenen Unternehmen, so dass dortige Anpassungen reduziert werden können. • Geschäftsentscheidungen können schnell aufgrund qualitativer Informationen getroffen werden. • Kunden von RENOLIT erhalten zeitnah benötigte Daten in der benötigten Qualität. • Durch ein zentrales Supportteam mit einem zentralen Projektmanager für alle QAD Standorte können Personal und Aufwand reduziert werden. • Upgrades auf die neueste QAD Vers
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RONDO FOOD – Ihr Partner für Snacks & Treats RONDO FOOD ist spezialisiert auf Snackprodukte für Hunde und Katzen und verfügt über drei moderne Produktionsstätten. Unsere Produkte werden unter den Markennamen bedeutender Handelsunternehmen und Industriepartner vermarktet. Durch die Kooperation mit den Netzwerk-Partnern in Österreich bietet RONDO FOOD ein umfangreiches Sortiment von Hunde- und Katzen-Snacks im Private-Label-Bereich. RONDO FOOD ist Private-Label-Spezialist Wir produzieren ausschließlich Private-Label-Produkte für große Handels- und Industrieunternehmen. Seit vielen Jahren kennen wir die Besonderheiten und Anforderungen in diesem Markt. Wir verzichten bewusst auf den Aufbau einer eigenen Marke und konzentrieren uns auf die Zusammenarbeit mit unseren Partnern. Umfassender Einsatz von QAD ERP an allen Unternehmensstandorten und Abbildung der branchenspezifischen Anforderungen aus dem Bereich der Lebensmittelproduktion. Details siehe https://www.qad.com/industries/food-beverage
SAFT - high-technology batteries
Bagnolet, France

Saft is a battery maker like no other. From research to manufacturing and sales, we set the pace. We have some of the brightest minds working on developing and producing our batteries; around 1.5 percent of our employees have PhDs. We are a global company employing people from 49 countries.  "Auditors have come in and stated ‘With your QMS system, it’s never been so easy’. Sherry Campbell, Quality Systems, Saft QAD IMPROVES PRODUCTION, MAINTENANCE SCHEDULING AND TRACKING, AND STREAMLINES AUDITS THE COMPANY: SAFT Saft is a world leader in the development and manufacturing of high-technology batteries. Their multi-technology battery systems meet the needs of a wide variety of customers worldwide, and even interplanetary – Saft batteries are currently on several satellites in orbit and the company is scheduled to develop, qualify and test a specific lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery system to power the ExoMars Rover vehicle. THE SOLUTION: QAD QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (QMS) “As Quality Systems Specialist, I was charged with discovering the best solution for our plant in Jacksonville, FL,” notes Campbell. “QAD QMS was one of several options I explored. Ultimately, after seeing an on-site demonstration, QAD QMS was chosen due to its robust operating system and configurability.” THE BENEFITS: CONSOLIDATED SYSTEMS, GREATER TRANSPARENCY, LOWER COSTS, REDUCTION OF ERRORS “We have realized a lot of benefits with QAD QMS,” states Campbell. “We are saving money because we’ve been able to reduce the amount of man hours spent on manual production and maintenance tracking by our quality control team by 50%. The greatest benefits have come with automation, efficient consolidation and transparency.” Benefits Saft has seen since implementing QAD QMS include: • Breaking Down Silos: Replacement of multiple stand alone silos with one robust system, translating into productivity gains as data is entered one time and automatically populated to all appropriate areas. • Ease of Expansion: “We are bringing on 40-60 new engineers this year,” notes Campbell. Without a great QMS system we would not be in the position to increase productivity, capacity and profitability.” • Improvement in the Quality Control: Improvements in the problem solving process because of easier data analysis, particularly when there are repetitive issues. • Calibration System Control: “Calibration is critical to our success,” adds Campbell. “It’s essential for our accreditation audits but even more, it helps prevent Saft from getting into a recall situation, which would be very expensive and damaging to our reputation in the industry.” • Transparency and Error Reduction: People are now out of their silos and better able to see the big picture with information being more effectively shared.
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Konzerngesellschaft mit über 50 Werken weltweit, derzeit über 3.000 QAD-ERP User; weitere Konsolidierungen der IT Landschaften angestrebt, globale Projektrealisierung durch QAD und lokale Partner, für Deutschland durch den Partner KONTEXT-E Das Projekt bei Saint Gobain PERFORMANCE PLASTICS in Deutschland beinhaltete • Komplette Datenübernahme aus dem QAD-Altsystem • Umfangreiche System-, Prozess-, Integrations- und Lasttests. • Begleitung der Systemaktivierung und Betreuung nach dem Go Live Die Angaben im Referenzprofil zur ERP Applikation beziehen sich nur auf den Part der deutschen Sain Gobain Unternehmensgruppe. Die Angaben zur weltweiten Installation und QAD ERP Nutzung stellen wir Ihnen gern auf Anfrage zur Verfügung.
SECOND SIGHT - medical products
CA 91342 Sylmar

Challenges: - Outdated ERP system - Transition to public company led to new reporting and compliance requirements Solution: - QAD Enterprise Applications Enterprise Edition Results: - Reduced customizations - Enhanced compliance with regulatory requirements - Improved security features "When we became aware of the new capabilities available to us if we upgraded, the decision was clear. QAD’s upgrade resources allowed us to accomplish the upgrade smoothly and quickly." Walter P. Little, Sr. Enterprise Applications Engineer, Second Sight Medical Products, Inc.
SMR - Automotive Supplier
70327 Stuttgart

Challenges: - Need to standardize plants globally on same ERP system - Reduce inventory levels Solution: - QAD Enterprise Applications, - QMS (Quality Management System) Results: - 20% decrease in inventory levels - Improved cost management - 50% time savings in customer response times - Standardization of monthly and weekly reporting practices "Standardizing on QAD ERP throughout our global plants has resulted in significant improvements in efficiency and profitability and helped win SMR a large contract in China." Christophe Sib, Director, Global ERP and Quality Management Systems, SMR Company Overview SMR Automotive Mirror Technology Hungary Bt is the Hungary-based production plant of SMR a division of Samvardhana Motherson Group company, founded in 1995. PRODUCTS: car mirror plastic parts injection molding, painting and mirror assembly.  QAD Solution Currently with 132 Named Users and 33 Infrequent Users. Additional modules: Fixed Assets, Lean Manufacturing, Logistic Accounting, SSM, Release Management, PRO/PLUS, EDI eCommerce, Consignment Inventory, European Accounting, MSW/PSW, QAD EAM, QMS (APQP, Auditing, Inspection & SCP, Documents Controls, Integration, Gage Management, Training Management, CAPA & NCR, Supplier Management, Program/Project Management, QMS Concurrent Users).
SOLAFT - Filtration Solutions

HIGHLIGHTS Company: SOLAFT Filtration Solutions Headquarters: Sydney, Australia Industry: Industrial Products: Liquid filters, traveling belts, filter presses, dry filter bags, drainage belts, filter media roll goods Solutions Utilized: QAD ERP SOLAFT Filtration Solutions is a vertically integrated supplier of industrial filtration solutions suitable for various industries. We have operations across Asia, Australia and the Americas, and are capable of designing and manufacturing all types of filtration products, from specialty yarns to finished filter bags. THE BENEFITS: SOLAFT BENEFITS FROM QAD CLOUD ERP AND A CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT APPROACH QAD Cloud ERP has proven to be the right choice for SOLAFT, and ongoing customer engagement continues to show the company how they can embrace continuous improvement as a core competency. In addition to a stable, unified ERP system across multiple manufacturing sites, improved use of QAD has enabled the following results: • Greater efficiency across the enterprise in all areas including forecasting and planning • Better access to data enables rapid, near real-time generation of reports in seconds • 24/7 access to global data across time zones, providing executives with a common and consistent view of business performance • Enhanced visibility into key product information and improved customer service levels. DIFOT (Delivered-In-Full-On-Time) has improved by 10% • Consistent monthly reviews of safety stock levels which have been implemented to two standard deviations • Reduced inventory turns from 150 to 70 days – more than a 50 percent enhancement that lowers inventory costs and reduces the burden of incurring obsolete stock • Lessened aged inventory in Australia by more than 60 percent. This has been achieved through removing complexity, with increased focus on saleable stock and removing stock that is truly obsolete With QAD Cloud ERP, SOLAFT is benefiting from a complete, standardized ERP solution that enables them to access, analyze and share critical information across the enterprise; efficiently plan upgrades; and keep up-to-date with the latest functionality. “QAD Cloud ERP has freed up our IT resources and enabled us to work on other business priorities,” comments Sayers. “QAD Cloud ERP offers the security we need and allows IT to look at enabling business improvements. It has enabled us to have a global platform and the ability to replicate an operating model across multiple countries.” “We fully realize the benefits of our investment in QAD Cloud ERP, and our quarterly meetings with QAD give us information on additional modules we may decide to implement in the future,” says Sayers. Most importantly, SOLAFT can clearly see how their business is performing and improve decision-making throughout the organization." “We are able to make better, faster strategic and tactical decisions with real-time access to our ERP data,” adds Sayers. “The QAD Customer Engagement Process allows us to leverage the value of our ERP investment over time and QAD continues to work closely with us today to ensure we are on track for tomorrow.” "The Q-Scan reviews have exceeded our expectations as an independent internal check ... and continue to give us the insight to stop and celebrate our successes." Tania Sayers, Chief Financial Officer, SOLAFT
Stadco Ltd. /new: MAGNA
Aurora, Ontario

Company Overview Stadco Ltd. specializes in stamping aluminum panels and designing assembly facilities.  Tool making, Stamping and Sub Assembly facility for the production of automotive parts to UK and European customers.  Products include aluminum pressings, high-volume assemblies, pressings, low-volume manual assemblies, steel pressings, and complete body-in-white.  QAD Solution (Stadco only) Currently on version 2014 SE with 95 Named Users. Additional Modules: Release Management, Magna is a company of entrepreneurs dedicated to delivering new mobility solutions. We are a technology company, one of the world’s largest suppliers to the automotive industry. Our agility and expertise make us the ideal partner for autonomy, electrification and building complete vehicles.
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- deploying a single core model across their EMEA sites (Germany, UK, Netherlands, Spain), further sites in USA, Mexico, China - in total: sites in more than 10 different coutntries with more than 2.200 Employees (worldwide) - Gone live on time, on budget across all sites in the current project - utilising QAD configurator - about 1.000 QAD ERP user Sunrise Medical ist einer der Weltmarktführer in der Entwicklung, Produktion und im Vertrieb von manuellen Rollstühlen, Elektrorollstühlen, Elektromobilen, Rollatoren und Systemen für perfektes Sitzen und Positionieren.
Tsubakimoto UK Ltd.
Nottingham NG15 0DX Annesley

Company Overview Tsubakimoto UK Ltd. is a developer and manufacturer of power transmission products. Part of Japan's Tsubakimoto Group. Serves its customer base in the UK, Ireland and Iceland.  Its product line includes chains, power transmission units and components and automotive timing chain drive systems. QAD Solution Currently running QAD Cloud 2016 EE with 30 NU, 7 LN and 19 RF. Additionally using Automation Solution, Czech Internalization, Basic IP - VPN.
UPTIME PARTS - Automotive Supplier
West Chicago, Illinois, USA

HIGHLIGHTS Company: UpTime Parts (a NAVISTAR Company) Location: West Chicago, Illinois, USA Industry: Automotive Aftermarket Manufacturing Products: Custom Kitting, Workhorse and Parts Services Solutions Utilised: QAD ERP UpTime Parts, a wholly owned subsidiary of Navistar Inc., is a U.S.-based automotive aftermarket parts supplier for light-duty trucks. UpTime gives its customers the edge by providing capabilities for almost any make and model, custom kitting services and an innovative parts return program. UpTime offers a unique single-source option to support truck fleets, from small fleets to large national accounts. THE BENEFITS: “QAD ERP has proven to be the right ERP solution for UpTime Parts,” says Reed. “Modernizing our systems has allowed us to rapidly scale and let go of third-party applications, ultimately making our environment simpler. We cut costs by leveraging the QAD cloud management servers and Navistar corporate resources. And because we are located in an area where we’ve weathered some severe storms, we’ve eliminated the risk of hosting servers inhouse. QAD Cloud ERP offers the benefits of disaster recovery and business continuity. For example, when we have severe storm conditions, our employees can access QAD Cloud ERP from home or wherever they are to be productive, keep the business running.” “QAD Cloud ERP has helped us reduce our overall business cost by 20 percent since implementation. Business processes are running faster today with QAD Cloud ERP — one sequence alone that used to take five minutes now takes seconds. Multiply that by several users every day and it adds up,” states Reed. With QAD Cloud ERP, UpTime gains the following: • Global access to the manufacturing industry’s only full-strength SaaS ERP solution • Greater than 99.5% availability, requiring no UpTime IT resources • World-class certified data centers — stringently controlled and monitored • Powerful compliance capabilities to support ISO 9000 certification — a complex body of standards that help ensure UpTime solutions consistently meet customers’ requirements • Ability to rapidly scale up and scale down operations to leverage productivity and costs “Navistar has anywhere from nine to eleven sites at which we can quickly set up now that we run QAD Cloud ERP,” says Reed. “Requiring no UpTime IT resources for ERP support and no business continuity headaches, QAD Cloud ERP allows us the flexibility and the freedom to focus on enhancing performance and service excellence while significantly cutting costs related to IT and ERP system maintenance.” QAD Cloud ERP carries no overhead expense for UpTime in terms of server and support resources. And with 24x7x365 user and technical support, QAD Cloud ERP frees the UpTime team to focus on strategic initiatives for growth and customer satisfaction. This frees executives and decision makers to focus on the core business of manufacturing bestin-class kitting solutions. “With QAD Cloud ERP we have a complete ERP solution, and we enjoy the simplicity of modernizing our ERP system with a strategic partner by our side.” "Business processes are running faster today with QAD Cloud ERP. Trish Reed, General Manager, Navistar
19053 Schwerin

THE COMPANY: VITATECH NUTRITIONAL SCIENCES INC. Vitatech Nutritional Sciences Inc. (Vitatech) has been an FDA-licensed contract manufacturer of dietary powders, tablets and two-piece capsules for sixty years. They have a tradition of excellence in producing the highest-quality nutritional supplements for a variety of private-label partners worldwide. Vitatech sources top-quality raw materials, offers Ph.D.-level formulation assistance, has extensive research and development capabilities, and runs state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. Quality control is the highest priority at Vitatech. They monitor, document and approve every step, from inbound receipts through production and shipment; they test for purity and compliance; and not only do they comply with FDA and current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) requirements, but they also exceed such requirements in many areas. This high level of quality is maintained across their massive manufacturing plant, which includes inhouse analytical laboratories, an R&D lab and a microbiological lab. Vitatech offers customized manufacturing for: • Tablets, both coated and uncoated • Two-piece capsules and capsule banding • Powders • Enteric coating of soft gels THE CHALLENGE: UPGRADING QUALITY CONTROL Vitatech needed a system as exacting as the formulas and finished products they create; one that would: • Reduce paperwork, paving the way for paperless processes • Improve the notification of quality personnel for the need to test incoming raw materials • Standardize reporting practices to establish consistency in documentation • Shorten the quality evaluation process • Enable test result trending • Make quality data visible to the entire workforce As part of the Advistory Board, Vitatech knew the advantages and capabilities offered and they chose to upgrade to QAD EE and reap the benefits. Areas of particular interest to Vitatech include: • Increased legibility of test results • Easier retrieval of information for analysis • Simplification of analytical test reporting • Automated error-proofing of results based on values input by users and specifications stored in the system • Consolidation of records and reporting into a database, replacing the individual records of their paper-based system • Automation of in-bound material inspection • Better access of detailed audit trail reporting for recording test results THE BENEFITS: GREATER QUALITY CONTROL AND INCREASED EFFECTIVENESS Benefits of the upgrade and Quality Control implementation include: • User-entered results are validated against preestablished specifications, eliminating human error during evaluation • In-bound material inspections are automated, saving time and money • Information for analysis is more easily retrieved and less manual • Data processing has been streamlined and made increasingly paperless • The ability to manage a product recall has been greatly improved using the new Lot Trace Workbench • The ability to track, trace, and report quality results on additional material characteristics has been enhanced Vitatech is also now able to run reports to trend testing results, determining how an item has tested over time. This helps Vitatech in decisions such as whether or not specification ranges need to be revised, or which suppliers to qualify or disqualify. Vitatech prides itself on the quality of their products and their ability to provide the most innovative and responsive solutions to meet changing customer, global industry, and regulatory needs. The QAD EE upgrade with enhanced Quality Control makes all of these tasks easier and more effective.
WANDER AG _ food and beverage
3176 Neuenegg, Switzerland

Company: Wander Ltd. Headquarters: Neuenegg, Switzerland Industry: Food and Beverage Products:Ovomaltine powder, bread spread and malt extract Solutions Utilized: QAD ERP and Demand and Supply Chain Planning (DSCP) THE COMPANY: WANDER LTD. Wander Ltd. is a Swiss food and beverage manufacturer, best known for their wide variety of Ovomaltine-based products. The company is strategically positioned in the market as a manufacturer and distributor of quality Swiss-made products. Wander Ltd. directly supplies the retail market in Switzerland and exports products through independent distributors into several European countries. In addition to their Ovomaltine product lines, Wander markets and distributes Twinings Tea and Caotina in German speaking countries in Europe. Wander Ltd.’s history dates back to 1865. The company employs a staff of 250 at their manufacturing location in Neuenegg, close to Bern, Switzerland. They are part of TwiningsOvo group within Associated British Foods (ABF). Associated British Foods earns £13.4 Billion in annual sales, and has 130,000 employees worldwide in 50 countries. ABF includes many brands such as Twinings, Silver Spoon, Kingsmill, Patak’s, Jordans Cereals, Speedibake, Dorset Cereals, Ryvita, Blue Dragon and Mazola. THE CHALLENGE: OUTDATED AND INCREASINGLY UNSTABLE PLANNING SYSTEM NEEDED REPLACEMENT Wander Ltd. has been successful for many years with their core Ovomaltine powder, but the market has changed around them. They have been innovating product lines but fallen behind in technology. In addition to an outdated QAD ERP system, Wander was using an old program for their Demand and Supply Chain Planning (DSCP). The system had not been updated in more than twelve years. DSCP systems have significantly evolved in that time and it became obvious that their existing system’s age was creating an increasing risk that the entire platform might fail. “We knew our old planning system was not serving us well any longer and we would benefit from updating our DSCP system as we upgraded to QAD Enterprise Edition (EE) for our ERP solution,” comments Steffen Grill, IT Manager, Wander Ltd. “We wanted to replace it but we have to meet our parent company’s very strict ROI criteria and internal justifications to be approved for present and future project funding,” adds Ueli Trachsel, finance & IT manager with Wander Ltd. “Going with a ‘Value Approach’ was critical to get high level approval for the update to QAD EE and DSCP.” THE SOLUTION: VALUE APPROACH ANALYSIS GETS PARENT COMPANY SIGN OFF FOR QAD DSCP A QAD Q-Scan was the first step in getting ABF’s approval for the upgrade to EE and DSCP installation. Each of Wander Ltd.’s departments and functions was assessed and determinations were made on areas that excess money or time was being spent or any gaps in the process. An analysis was then presented to suggest where improvements might be realized, money saved and profitability increased. “The Q-Scan gave us the ammunition we needed to convince our parent company of the value of upgrading to QAD EE and replacing our old planning system with QAD DSCP,” adds Grill. “After we received approval from our parent company, we did the entire project in one attempt – which took more planning and implementation resources but we got everything done as one,” notes Grill. “Having the DSCP pre-configured solution was very helpful. We were able to do the work within very clean timelines. The ‘go-live’ process went very well. We were able to ship products and get invoices out the first day.” “Our relationship with QAD was a bonus,” notes Stefan Stucki, head of controlling, Wander Ltd. “It made the conversion from our outdated system to QAD DSCP much easier
YANGFENG - Automotive Interior Systems
41468 Neuss

Challenges: - Low return on sales, business plan to double in 3-5 years - Limited capital and staff Solution: - “All QAD” Financials, Manufacturing, EDI, Quality, Trade Compliance, Bar Coding & Scanning with MES & PLM Integration through Dell Boomi - Single Instance NA/EU, thousands of users. Results: - $200M acquired plant migrated from SAP to QAD in 4 months - Brownfield and greenfield sites going live in < 3 months - Simplified on “Best Practice” for global rollout - 6000 customizations to < 100 - Rollout out 100+ sites in 2 years in progress “We wanted a single ERP vendor with robust financials and shared services that could be implemented rapidly, and we have found that with QAD. QAD’s ERP solution has been truly architected for the cloud, and the reputation of that offering, along with their capability in Cloud EDI, were major factors in our decision.”   – Tom Roberts, CIO